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From Source to Steel

There are two sources that serve as raw input to our final product.

Sponge Iron as a source: We have induction furnaces to melt sponge iron and scrap which is further refined into steel by the concast route.

Scrap as a source: With environmental concern and conservation of precious minerals and ores, we also manufactures best grade steel bars by recycling and processing the metallic scrap. Besides being eco-friendly, this is cost effective too. Metallic scrap is generally obtained from junk of cars, lorries, and ships etc.
Scrap to steel making is a challenging and advanced process. a modern high-efficiency electric induction furnace is employed for melting down scrap steel. tramp elements such as phosphorus and sulfur are reduced. This follows alloying the resultant melt with other elements such as chromium, nickel, molybdenum to impart the desired properties. Subsequent processes eventually make it into high quality structural and reinforcing steel grades.

Innovative method of Manufacturing of Steel Bars

Hot charging and hot delivery process of continuous casting billet has the advantages of saving energy, improving the production capacity of heating furnace, reducing the burning loss of billet, decreasing the rolling fault, improving the rate of finished products, speeding up the logistics movement, reducing billet storage warehouse and liquidity occupation etc