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Innovation and Technology

With the aim of manufacturing products at the most efficient costs and reduced impact on environment and society, we have pioneered on bringing ground-breaking technologies for the first time in India and also innovative initiatives including enhanced operational efficiencies, greater cost optimization and new product applications. Some other innovations are:-

Use of local raw materials for use in iron-making. Use of blast furnace gas as replacement for Fuel Oil (FO) / Light Diesel Oil (LDO)

We are also focused on utilizing waste by recycling steel scrap into high strength steel rebars, steel is undoubtedly the indispensable material of the modern technology driven society. Since steel encompasses a class of over 2500 different grades currently produced and used, there is a wide variety of properties leading to an even wider spread of uses. There are countless possibilities of combinations with regard to micro and macro structure, alloying elements, heat and mechanical treatment procedures, etc. Being used for thousands of years, one could expect that the scope of possible improvements is limited. However, the increasing challenges from other materials have been met by continuous product and process development ensuring the competitive edge for steel. It is fair to say that the potential of steel developments has been so far used only to a very limited extent leaving ample opportunities.

Steels can be used in a number of ways. With respect to service properties, the classification is made according to the three groups of:

  • Base steels,
  • Quality steels and
  • High-grade steels

One can also use the amount of alloying additives to classify

  • Unalloyed to medium alloyed steels and
  • High alloyed steels

Process Routes and Technology

Steel making has to be seen as part of a chain which leads from raw materials to semi-fabricated products.

The classical process route for electric steelmaking is:

  • Scrap charging
  • Melting down
  • Tapping
  • Secondary metallurgy
  • Slab casting
  • Hot rolling
  • Cold rolling
  • Treatments
  • Delivery

This section of our website provides you with plenty of more examples, visuals, and deep dive case studies of innovations at RATHI Bars limited.

You will see that innovation and technology leadership at Rathi Bars is integrated in our mindset and throughout our operations. It is a unique model of ensuring the business sustainability and social commitment of our company.

Innovative method of Manufacturing of Steel Bars

Hot charging and hot delivery process of continuous casting billet has the advantages of saving energy, improving the production capacity of heating furnace, reducing the burning loss of billet, decreasing the rolling fault, improving the rate of finished products, speeding up the logistics movement, reducing billet storage warehouse and liquidity occupation etc