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Transforming Dreams into Reality through Innovative Steel Bars

Innovations don’t happen in the blink of an eye, they take time. We live in a country which comes among the top steel manufacturers in the world because of its regular innovations in the sector. Also, when it comes to the export of steel products, India has emerged as one of the global leaders. Steel manufacturing in India has a rich history, which could be analyzed by the growth of top players in the industry. Many steel products in India have maintained the Indian as well as international standards and they are far better than the cheap steel products prevailing in the market. Such is the product, Rathi Shaktiman! Rathi Bars Limited has recently launched the new avatar for Rathi Shaktiman “EXCEL’ – The MAHARATHI of Steel in the North India market.

Rathi Bars revolutionize the construction landscape in north India with an exceptional innovation in the steel industry called ‘Rathi Shaktiman Excel’ which will redefine strength in its own terms. The newly engineered rib design is carved on the steel to establish one of its kind concrete-steel reinforcement that attains up to 10000 PSI strength. With such extraordinary applications, the nation will witness a much-needed infrastructural transition by setting stronger, safer and secure foundation of structures like 100 story skyline buildings, dams, expressways, bridges, and residential complexes. Thus the dream of constructing huge skyline structures of above 100 stories will not be a challenge anymore.

Rathi Bars are the leading steel manufacturer in North India, equipped with the latest technology for operational excellence. Rathi Shaktiman Steel Bar has a host of innovative products, yet the company has introduced the ‘Excel’ to quench its thirst to innovate a new and better product. The Indian government has decided to utilize domestically produced steel instead of importing the foreign steel. All to increase the construction of a better infrastructure and an ultra-modern real-estate, and the production of an exceptional technology. Rathi Shaktiman Excel passes through a rigorous manufacturing process that molds the Tor steel into an unconventional shape and Strength.

The world of steel manufacturers would keep on changing; maybe anytime soon India would become the number 1 steel manufacturer. Let’s await that time and utilize the exceptional technology the Rathi Bars has produced. Rathi Shatikam ‘Excel’ is strong enough to hold the constructions in India, because of its 10000 PSI concrete-strength with the right concrete mix.