Who we are


Rathi Bars Ltd. hardly a stagnant old-economy company. Indeed, we highly value the vibrant contributions our younger workers as they inherit the extensive knowledge and skills of their predecessors. The source of our technological strength has always been the talent of our people, so our seamless, ongoing development of innovative, high-quality steel depends vitally on nurturing younger employees with the skills they will need to take us into the future.

As we strive toward a new era, we pledge to build ever-stronger relationships with our customers, host communities and other valued stakeholders.

K.K. Rathi

Anurag Rathi is the founder, Promotor & Managing Director of M/s Rathi Special Steels Limited. Anurag is also the founder director of M/s Rathi Oxygen Limited, a real estate development company based out of Delhi currently engaged in developing an official complex and a housing colony both in Delhi. Read More