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Rathi Shaktiman Excel

RATHI SHAKTIMAN EXCEL is India’s first unique double-66-pattern design equivalent to British Standard B500C Steels Bars. It is designed and manufactured from the latest technology with international quality standards.

Production that Performs
Steel & concrete behave as a single unit in a reinforcement structure only when the concrete grips the steel rebar to form the strongest bond through the unique double-rib pattern of the bar.
RATHI SHAKTIMAN EXCEL has a unique double rib pattern for better reinforcement solution in terms of greater rib depth/height and closer rib spacing at different angles.
The CNC notch cutting machine ensures uniform rib pattern which allows uniform bonding with concrete for the whole structure. Due to uniformity & critically designed ribs, fatigue strength & ductility of RATHI SHAKTIMAN EXCEL is much superior to ordinary re-bars.
Moreover, meticulous testing throughout the steel making & rolling process is there to ensure the quality standards are maintained. In fact, RATHI SHAKTIMAN EXCEL boasts of more than 200% higher values as compared to the required bond strength of the concrete structure.
RATHI SHAKTIMAN EXCEL Re-Bars are hot rolled from steel billets &  subjected to PLC controlled online thermo mechanical treatment in three successive stages those are necessary for making a high-quality re-bar. These three stages are Quenching Stage, Tempering Stage, and the Cooling Stage.
Unique Service Offerings
Selling by piece every RATHI SHAKTIMAN EXCEL Re-bar is sold in a standard length of 12 meters thereby removing the hassle of weighing. Recommended Consumer Price (RCP): RATHI SHAKTIMAN EXCEL Re-bars are sold at RCP for better transparency. The RCP is displayed at all dealers outlets.
Other excellent features:
Bending & Re-bending
RATHI SHAKTIMAN EXCEL bars with its tough outer surface and ductile core can be bent around mandrels much smaller than those specified in IS: 1786 : 2008.

High-Temperature Resistance

RATHI SHAKTIMAN EXCEL bars retain more than 80% of its ambient temperature yield at 300‘ C and 40% at 500‘ C.

RATHI SHAKTIMAN EXCEL should be applied where high ductility is desired. These applications include structures those are subject to forces difficult to quantify; because of the nature of those factors or due to lack of knowledge about those forces such as:

• Dynamic loading
• Explosions
• Sudden impact
• Compressive and tensile forces

Physical Properties

Rathi Shaktiman Excel is manufactured by a unique method of maintaining a combination of strength & ductility that far exceeds the minimum limit specified in BIS.

Physical Properties Table

Physical Properties Table

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